Edwin M. Dyer, III

Greetings! Born in Harahan, Louisiana in 1969, I've been interested in military history and fascinated with the hardware since an early age. By high school, I had enrolled in the Air Force Junior ROTC and spent many an after school hour pouring through the archived issues of military aviation magazines in the AFJROTC offices. At the same time, the library at home was growing with books and the ceiling more and more covered over with models.

In my college days, the models ended up in a giant 'bone yard', having been damaged in two moves. Only a few survived the scrap heap. My interests also began to narrow, focusing now from World War One up to Vietnam. World War Two, however, has been the significant portion of my study. I do dip from time to time into the Civil War. These days, I have gone away from the whos and wheres of military history and into the research of the hardware...armor, aircraft, artillery, rocketry, small arms, and much more. As the German war machine produced a staggering array of technology in a number of arenas, I devote a good bit of my time studying their results and impact. It was then that I noticed how the Japanese took to the fruits of the German aviation labors in terms of jet and rocket technology. And so, currently, I have undertaken the study of how German technology influenced other countries either during the war, as with the Japanese, and in the immediate years following the war.

Currently, I work for a major Columbus, OH retailer, doing onsite client/technical support for the online store. In my off time, I have several pursuits. The first is maintaining and writing for Hikoki:1946, my website dedicated to experimental Japanese aircraft up through 1945. In the future, I plan on doing a similar site for aircraft which continued or benefited directly from German research. I am also an artist, illustrating for fun and for the occasional commission. Finally, I am a World War Two reenactor and living historian, portraying a member of the German Wehrmacht. Sometime soon, I'm planning on returning to modeling in 1/72 scale and painting 1/300 scale miniatures.