Forward Fuselage
1.1 Propeller Spinner
- Note the white painted Hucks starter dog.
- The small hole in spinner base is for spraying de-icing fluid.

1.2 Carburetor Intake
- Note the small vertical strut in the center of the intake.

1.3 Oil Cooler
- This rear view shows the adjustable shutters at the back of the oil cooler.

1.4 Forward Fuselage
- The lettering on the removable ammunition tray reads “bullet stored place”. The small hatch above the lettering is opened by pushing down of the small protruding stud to release the latch.
- The two top panels are replacement pieces.
- The parachute on the wing is a Navy ‘chute with the dates February 23, 1942 and January 16, 1944 stamped on it.

1.5 Cockpit Interior
- The photo was taken through the port side fuselage access panel shown in photo 2.1.
- At some time the interior has been sprayed with a blue aotake with an approximate value of FS 25090 but note that the translucent quality of the overspray causes variations in the intensity of the color. It is probable, but not certain, that this was done during the restoration of the plane.

1.6 Seat Back
- The back of the seat shows the serial number 5894. Blue aotake has been sprayed over both the painted serial number and traces of an underlying paint.

1.7 Seat Bottom
- Again traces of paint appear to have been oversprayed with the blue aotake.

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