Rear Fuselage
2.1 Fuselage Access Hatch
- This hatch gives access to the oxygen equipment mounted inside the fuselage. The arrow is pointing to where some light green paint (FS 24255) has flaked off of part of the fuselage fittings, revealing the bare metal underneath. Blue aotake has been sprayed over the light green paint. It is not present where the paint has flaked away. This is the best indication that the aotake was applied during the aircraft’s restoration.

2.2 Access Hatch Release
- The outer flap is lifted by hooking a finger into the small raised lip on the bottom of the flap. The latch is then rotated to unlock the hatch.
- The lettering reads “oxygen” (san-so).

2.3 Starboard Radio Antenna Fitting
- The antenna lead enters the fuselage through this insulated fitting.

2.4 Tail Fin Antenna Fitting

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