Landing Gear
4.1 Port Wheel Well
- The upper arrow points to the port machine gun spent ammunition compartment. The spent cartridge casings were recovered by opening this panel.
- The lower arrow references the discarded ammunition belt links chute.
- The opening in the inner front wall of the well was normally closed with a small cover.

4.2 Port Wheel Well
      - The brake line appears at the top rear of the well.

4.3 Port Wheel Well
      - The photo is of the rear wall of the wheel well.

4.4 Starboard Wheel Well
      - This is the top of the center section of the wheel well.

4.5 Starboard Landing Gear Strut and Strut Cover
- The strut has been painted with an aluminum paint except for the lower strut which was left unpainted.

4.6 Port Wheel
- The lower landing gear strut was left unpainted.

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