3.1 Starboard Wing Rear Tank Cover
- The cover is released by pushing forward on the small protruding stud at the back of the cover.
- The lettering reads “fuel” (ne-n-ryo-u)
- A similar cover for the front wing tank can be seen in the background.

3.2 Aileron Center Hinge (Upper Side)
- Note that the aileron is metal covered. This almost certainly was done during the airplane’s restoration.

3.3 Aileron Center Hinge (Lower Side)

3.4 Fowler Flap Mount
- Photos of earlier versions of the Ki-43 show that this mount was equipped with a cover. However, no way of attaching a cover seems to be evident.

3.5 Landing Light
- The interior of the light compartment appears to be painted with a light green paint with a value of FS 24255.

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