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Kaiten Type 1 SUB Fine Molds FNMEM72-01 Resin 72    
IJN Midget Submarine A-Target Type A SUB Fine Molds FNMEM72-02 Resin 72    
IJN Sub I-19 SUB Nichimo NI2006 Injection 200    
Japanese submarine I-401 SUB Galaxy   Injection 300    
IJN I-400 class w/Seiran floatplane SUB Seawolf WF-06 Resin 350    
IJN Sub I-1 SUB Seawolf WF-12 Resin 350    
Japanese Submarine I-400 I-400 Aoshima AO430 Injection 700   1999
IJN Subs I-1, I-61 SUB Aoshima AS070 Injection 700    
IJN Subs I-16, I-58 SUB Tamiya TM77072 Injection 700    
IJN Subs I-370, I-68 SUB Hasegawa HEW073 Injection 700    
IJN SUbs I-361, I-171 SUB Hasegawa HEW095 Injection 700    
IJN Subs I-15, I-46 SUB Fujimi FU40074 Injection 700    
IJN Submarine I-9 and Ro-35 SUB Skywave W16 Injection 700    
IJN Submarines I-13 and I-14 SUB Skywave W41 Injection 700    
IJN Coastal Sub Ha-101 and Ha-201 SUB Waveline WL-83 Resin 700    
IJN Submarines I-13 and 14 SUB Pit-Road W-41 Injection 700    
IJN Sub Ro-35 & Midget sub Koryu SUB Skywave/Pitroad W45 Injection 700    
Japanese RO-35 Submarine & 2 man sub SUB Skywave SWW45 Injection 700    
IJN I-400 & I-401 Subs SUB Skywave W48 Injection 700    



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