1/72nd Pavla Nakajima Ki-87 Review
by Peter Morrison
I have just completed the 1:72 Pavla Nakajima Ki-87 kit!
Like all limited-run kits it requires a little tender loving care.  Some filing and fitting is necessary to remove molding pips and get internal components to fit.  For those whose nerve doesn't run to fiddling with brass-etched, or white metal, components, there are plastic injected alternatives.  The engine fan, instrument panel & cockpit floor offers the greatest challenge.
Care is needed to remove the flash from the plastic parts, but this shouldn't be a major problem, unless you are of the 'add glue & shake box' fraternity.  You even get a piece of mesh to put behind the turbocharger opening, and two vac-formed canopy transparencies, in case you have problems with the first!
Painting is a straightforward, all-aluminum, finish, with yellow wing leading edges, anti-glare panel on the nose, and polished steel surround to the turbo-charger.  Being a one-off late war prototype, markings are minimal, consisting solely of 'hinomarus' for wings and fuselage. The decals are thin, and densely colored, but a little brittle, and need careful handling to avoid damage.
The end result is an impressively large aircraft that exceeds a Republic P-47N for sheer physical size, and rivals a DH Mosquito in anything but wingspan!  An interesting and unusual addition to any collection of WWII aircraft, capable of being built by any reasonably experienced modeler and representing good value for money.