RS Models kit # 7292 Manshu Ki-79A
RS Models kit # 7293 Manshu Ki-79B

by Bobby Kasza

These kits are basically one and the same, except for the front fuselage sections, which are separate for either the one seat Ki-79A, and two-seat Ki-79B. The parts are molded on a tan/beige resin, which is a little "rubbery". There is some small amounts of flash present on all parts, but nothing that a quick swipe with sandpaper won't take care of. Also the wings of my Ki-79B kit were warped, but this was not present on the Ki-79A kit. A nice cast metal engine is included, along with a miniscule vac-form windscreen ( two in the case of the Ki-79B). All the small parts are molded on a very thin wafer, and should not present a problem to remove. Included in both kits are two underfuselage fuel tanks or a 250 kg. bomb. Interior detail consists of a floor, seat, control column. There is fuselage ribbing molded into the fuselage sides. Interesting though, is no instrument panels are included in either kit. The only parts difference between the two kits is the Ki-79B kit includes the two-seat foward fuselage, and the un-spatted wheels with mud guards. The Ki-79A kit includes markings information for three different aircraft. These markings include an aircraft from the 113th Shinmu Flight, Special Attack squadron, and the 29th and 39th training squadron. Decals are included for only the 113th Special Attack Squadron and the 39th training squadron. Markings information in the Ki-79B kit includes an aircraft from the 113th Special Attack Squadron (same as the Ki-79A kit), another unidentified flight training squadron finished in overall orange-yellow, Peoples Republic of China, and Indonesian Peoples Security Force. The only problem is that the decal sheet in the Ki-79B kit is the same one as the Ki-79A kit!! So if you want to build any of the other aircraft, you'll have to raid the scrap box for decals. In both kits, hinomarus are provided. Overall, both kits match the drawings I have in several different Japanese aircraft books. Both kits could use some refinement, but nothing that the average modeller who has attempted resin kits before should not be able to handle.