CzechMaster Resin kit # 321 Nakajima Navy Type 94 Float Plane
CzechMaster Resin kit # 322 Nakajima Army Ki-4
by Bobby Kasza

Being that these two kits are nearly identical, comments will apply to both models. The only difference is that the Navy Type 94 includes a set of twin floats, and attaching struts. The models are molded in a tan/beige resin. Surface detail is excellent. The fabric area are very well rendered. The parts are, at least on my samples, were completely warp free. A nicely detailed engine is also included, cast in resin. A somewhat complete cockpit interior is included- two seats, instrument panels, rudder pedals, and floor. There is no interior wall detail present, that will have to be added by the modeller. All the smaller parts (struts, interior details, wheels, exaust, etc.) are typically molded in a very thin resin wafer, which will be very simple to remove. Three areas that I think will be a little more troblesome to overcome are the casting lugs on the wings, and fuselage. These areas are rather thick, and cut into the parts, so some careful cutting and sanding will be necessary. The third area is cowling. It has it's center molded solid, and this area is also rather thick, and will require some very careful cutting to remove. Overall, though, the kits look quite buildable, and the parts match the drawings that I have in Koko-Fan Illustrated #92. No decals, painting suggestions, or markings infomation is provided, so you'll be on your own here.