Hasegawa A6M3 Type 22 "Zero"
Kit JT17
By Dave Pluth


This is one of the newer Zero kits available on the market. This is the non-clip winged A6m3 Type 22 "Zero".


Building the kit could not be easier. Everything pretty much falls in place. There are a couple of small trouble areas, that is areas requiring a bit of putty. The biggest gap that you will find is when fitting the rear elevators. You will need to jig them in order to get the to sit just right. Their fit is not very tight and they will sag in a big way while you are attaching them. Once attached there is a small gap in the middle. This will require a little filling, not a big deal however.

Something new I tried on this kit was a paint called One Shot. This is a sign-painters paint. As the name implies, the chrome yellow paint covered in one coat and goes one quite nice. The downside to this paint is that it's lead based.

Kit decals went on well. I only used the kit hinomarus, the rest came from Eagles of the Rising Sun, if memory serves, it has been a long time since I built this kit.


This is a very nice kit and well worth the $24-28 price range.


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