Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Saburo Sakai A6M5c Hasegawa ST4 Injection 1/32
Work In Progress
By Rob Graham

I am currently building this kit, and I must say it’s proving to be a very un-Hasegawa kit. The fact that it’s an "old mold" does not excuse it, for it was not cheap. I have been disappointed with some kits in my time, but this one has been almost as disappointing as the Hasegawa Collector’s High-Grade FW-190D. Simply put, Eduard’s PE-brass kit will save it some, but I’m doing so much other stuff to it that it’s turning into a real project. The more I look, the more I realize I have to rework… such is modeling, I guess. I am afraid I may lose steam on it because of all the work.

In summary, I suppose I’ve been a little hard on this kit, and this may be due in part to my expectations. I just think that a kit with an updated price tag should include updated molds. Instead, the molds appear to have pitted with age and it shows with every shot they package and release. A bit of mold rework AT LEAST would have softened the $30 blow and the $20 for the Eduard details and $5 for the Williams Brothers engine and the nickel and dime nature of the scratch building and the $60 in Rogaine… you get the picture. A better kit would really have cost less in the long run, yet as a 1/32 A6M5c, this one stands alone.

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