Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Type 52 A6M5 Bandai #8507 Injection 1/24: A first impression
by Rob Graham

While I have this kit, I have not yet built it. But I can say that it is an impressive kit, if for nothing else than its size. It’s big. It represents an A6M5c with a pretty good selection of markings (thankfully—I don’t know of any aftermarket 1/24 decals for this subject), and as a basic kit, it looks to be a fair one for an old-mold kit. Some of the details are a stroke of genius, while some other details are woefully inadequate. It averages out to be a fair kit; however, it’s going to take a helluva lot of work to build it up to a high quality level.




I’m sure that if I used a micrometer, I could nit-pick it to death. I don’t think that would be fair because it’s not a kit that ever would have stood up to this type of scrutiny. If you’re looking for a big Zero, this is your only choice this side of the Plastruct and Squadron sheet plastic bins or the balsa or other flying kits. I guess this kit will continue to stand the test of time with this one distinction, and the best thing one can hope for is a resin accurizing kit, although I know of none to this date.

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