Nakajima Ki-84 Fighter decals available


Part Number



Aeromaster 48-06 Special Attack Squadrons 48
Aeromaster 48040 Nakajima Ki-84 Gales (Franks) 48
Aeromaster 48174 Special Attack Sqs Ki-84s 48
Superscale SS48-526 Ki-84-II Hayate (Frank) (2) 48
Superscale SS48-527 Ki-84-II Frank (5) 48
Aeromaster 48148 IJAAF Home Defense 48
Aeromaster 48174 Ki-84 Special Attack 48
Aeromaster 72017 Nakajima Ki-84 Franks 72
Superscale SS72-167 Axis Aces 72
Superscale SS72-714 Ki-84-II 72
Superscale SS72-723 Ki-84 Hayate 72



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