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IJN Harbor Set AUX Tamiya TM77701 Injection 700    
IJN Tugger Set AUX Tamiya TM77710 Injection 700    
IJN Type I/II Transports AUX Tamiya TM77089 Injection 700    
IJN Aux Vessels-Minesweeper,Minelayer,Su AUX Tamiya TM3151 Injection 700    
IJN Carrier Aircraft- Late war AUX Tamiya TM31516 Injection 700    
Hospital Ship Hikawa Maru AUX Hasegawa HEW090 Injection 700    
Liner Hikawa Maru AUX Hasegawa HEW092 Injection 700    
IJN Early WWII Carrier Aircraft AUX Hasegawa HEW100J Injection 700    
IJN Tugger/Small Craft Set AUX Hasegawa HE200T Injection 700    
IJN Harbor Accesory Set AUX Hasegawa HE200H Injection 700    
Hikawa Maru w/Aquarama base AUX Hasegawa HE437 Injection 700    
IJN Auxiliary AV Sagara Maru AUX Waveline WL-39 Resin 700    
IJN Aux AS Rio de Janiero Maru Aux Waveline WL-73 Resin 700    
IJN Auxiliary Cruiser Noshiro Maru Aux Cruiser Waveline WL-54 Resin 700    
IJN Auxilary AV Kimkawa Maru Aux Ship Kobo-Hiryu A-30 Resin 700    
IJN Escort Ukuru Type B (Hei) Gato Sub Escort Skywave W06 Injection 700    
IJN Escort Type (Hei) Gato Sub Escort Skywave W07 Injection 700    
IJN Escort Type 2 (Tei) Escort Skywave W11 Injection 700    
IJN Escort Ukuru Type A Escort Skywave W15 Injection 700    
IJN Escort Etorofu Escort Skywave W21 Injection 700    
IJN Fleet Oiler Erimo Flt Oiler Kobo-Hiryu A-43 Resin 700    
IJN Fleet Oiler Shiretoko Flt Oiler Kobo-Hiryu A-44 Resin 700    
IJN Gunboat Saga Gunboat Kobo-Hiryu A-34 Resin 700    
IJN Gunboat Ataka Gunboat Kobo-Hiryu A-35 Resin 700    
IJN Gunboat Atami Gunboat Kobo-Hiryu A-40 Resin 700    
IJN Gunboat Fushimi Gunboat Kobo-Hiryu A-41 Resin 700    
IJN Merchant Cruiser Aikoku Maru Merchant Waveline WL-62 Resin 700    
IJN Merchant Cruiser Hokoku Maru Merchant Waveline WL-65 Resin 700    
IJN Patrol Boat No. 32 (ex-Momi Class) Patrol Kobo-Hiryu A-24 Resin 700    
IJN Repair Ship Akashi Repair Ship Skywave W37 Injection 700    
IJN Replenishment Ship Ahsizuri Repl Ship Kobo-Hiryu A-27 Resin 700    
IJN Storeship Irako Storeship Waveline WL-31 Resin 700    
IJN Storeship Kinezaki Storeship Kobo-Hiryu A-32 Resin 700    
IJN Submarine Tender Taigei Sub Waveline WL-64 Resin 700    
IJN Subtender Tsurugizaki (w/Skywave pts Sub Tender P&I R10 Resin/Plastic 700    
IJN Submarine Tender Komahashi Sub Tender Kobo-Hiryu A-33 Resin 700    
IJN Subchaser No. 4 Type Subchase Kobo-Hiryu A-36 Resin 700    
IJN Subtender Chogei Subtender Skywave W35 Injection 700    
IJN Subtender Jingei Subtender Skywave W36 Injection 700    
IJN Surveying Ship Katsuriki Survey Kobo-Hiryu A-39 Resin 700    
IJN Surveying Ship Tsukushi Survey Ship Kobo-Hiryu A-28 Resin 700    
Japanese Army Transport Noto Maru Transport Waveline WL-56 Resin 700    



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