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  Japanese Aviation & Military Web Ring is a non-profit association of web sites dedicated to the study of Japanese Aviation & Military history until 1945, providing a survey of valid Internet resources for the enthusiasts & modelers.  This page is updated monthly (approximately the 5th of the month).  Problems or questions should be directed to j-ring@j-aircraft.com.
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the Sites associated:
  Japanese Aircraft Modeling Home Page (by Dave Pluth)
  Mark's Index Japanese Aviation (by Mark T. Wlodarczyk)
  Hoffmans Home Page (by Scott Hoffman)
  Johan Myhrman's Japanese Aviation Homepage
  Imperial Family of Japan (by Jeffrey W. Taliaferro)
  Battleship Row - US Navy at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941 (through David Aiken)
  Japan at War, 1931-1945 (by Dan Ford)
  Japanese Military Reference (by Robert Quan)
  Great Pacific War Naval Aviation Bibliography (by Benjamin Schapiro)
  Pacific Wreck Database (by JustinTaylan)
  Sentai 5 Central, game site, with history facts (by Robert Sander)
  204th IJNAF, game site, with history facts (by Anthony)
  Japanese Air Raids in Australia (by Peter Dunn)
  Japanese sword restoration & maintenance (by Fred Lohman)
  "27th Sentai" (gaming, by Jason Wagner)
  Samurai Archives Japanese History Page (by C.E. West)
  The Last Mission of WWII (by J.B. Smith)
  Zerofighter World (by astroboy "Saiwm")
  Hikoki:1946 - dedicated to the experimental Japanese aircraft (by Edwin Dyer)
  Peleliu - devoted to battle of Peleliu (1944) (by Sean Prizeman)
  J7W1 Shinden Web Ring (by Kevin McCormick)
Dutch East Indies 1941-42 (Submitted: 5/5/2001)

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