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Here's where all the odds and ends go!

The model gallery is open to all participants of If you have any photos you'd like included please send it to  Also include the kit that you used and any additional information you'd like included.

ki-555-greg_plummer_01.jpg (48683 bytes)

Here's a Revell of Germany's Arado 555 bomber done in Japanese markings.  Not too much was done to the kit other than to paint the interior parts laquered blue and finish the exterior in a weathered IJA brown. Markings were from a 1/48 decal set for the "George", and the model was glued down to a base due to a lack of nose weight. Lots of fun! By Greg Plummer (18 May 01)

a6m3-hubbard_minchew_01.jpg (37972 bytes) a6m3-hubbard_minchew_02.jpg (36031 bytes) a6m3-hubbard_minchew_03.jpg (33539 bytes) a6m3-hubbard_minchew_04.jpg (32849 bytes)
Here are a few of my 1/48 6M3 Zero in German Navy Marking, Hope you Like them,I use Polly Water Scale Paint.  By Hubbard J. Minchew.  (12 Jun 01)
me-109e_ijaaf-hub_minchew_01.jpg (20622 bytes) me-109e_ijaaf-hub_minchew_02.jpg (26116 bytes)
Here is a picture of my ME-109 & FW-190 1/48 scale by TAMIYA, in japanese markings.  I hope you like.  By Hubbard J. Minchew.  (13 Apr 01)
fw-190a_ijaaf-hub_minchew_01.jpg (24123 bytes) fw-190a_ijaaf-hub_minchew_02.jpg (22503 bytes) fw-190a_ijaaf-hub_minchew_03.jpg (22526 bytes)

a6m3-dennis_nowicki_01.jpg (41613 bytes)

a6m3-dennis_nowicki_02.jpg (44838 bytes)
I've attached a couple of photos from a diorama I built a few years back.  It's of a Hasegawa 1/72 A6M2 bulldozed over during one of the island-hopping campaigns.

(The dio. along with an article was published in FineScale Modeler some time back, but these images weren't included.)

By Dennis Nowicki (19 Mar 01)

type97-kai_tank-htakeuchi_01l.jpg (17155 bytes) H. Takeuchi's 1:35 Type97-Kai Tank.  My first AFV in decades, but I'm satisfied with the way it came out so I am sending it in for the Misc. section.  (19 Feb 01)

1/72nd Chorosvy KDA-5 by Peter Fearis

1/72nd Chorozsky 1MF4 by Peter Fearis  (27 Nov 00)

1/72nd Chorozsky 1TM1 by Peter Fearis (27 Nov 00)

1/72 Chorosvy B1M by by Peter Fearis

The F4F-4 is the 1/48 Tamiya kit. Markings are for Joe Foss from Guadalcanal by Dave Pluth

1/72nd scale Macchi 202 by Dave Pluth 
(hey, it's not Japanese, but it is my website <G>)

F-86 in JASDF Blue Impulse Markings
Fujimi's 1/72 kit built out of box. The blue and orange markings were painted on, instead of using decals. The photo was taken at BufCon on April 2000.By Tennessee Katsuta  (04 Jan 01)

Monogram 1/48 B-24J of the "Jolly Rogers" SWPA By Phil Hays (power of the edit cursor!)

ki-46-dennis_nowicki_01.jpg (79804 bytes) 1/72nd LS Ki-46 Dinah - This diorama depicts the discovery of a relatively intact Japanese Ki-46 "Dinah" some 30 years after having crash-landed on a remote part of New Guinea.  By Dennis Nowicki (04/04/01)

A6M3-Z (joke) created from 2 TAMIYA Hamp kits & Rufe's wing in 1/48 scale.  by taka-miura (02 Nov 00)


1/48 scale TBF-1 by Bill Turner. Back converted from Accurate Miniatures TBF-1c kit. Markings are for Marine squadron VMSB-131 from Guadalcanal. (14 Feb 01)

a6m2_luftwaffe-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (24612 bytes) All that talk of Zeros in the Battle of Britain led to this Hasegawa (old style) A6M2 Model 21 fleeing back across the channel after spooking a Spitfire 1, also Hasegawa 1/72.  By Ryan Boerema.  (04 Apr 01)

First, Hasegawa's 1/72 Ki-44 of 3d chutai, 87th Sentai takes on 13th AF B-24s (Minicraft 1/144) over the oil refineries at Palembang, Sumatra and, same location early 1945, Hasegawa's 1/72 Frank of the 24th Dokuritsu Chutai climbs up under B-24s coming off target, abeam of a diving 13th AF P-38 (also Hase 1/72). Beware the Americun in the sun. By Ryan Boerema. (04 Apr 01)

ki-44_b-24k-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (79756 bytes)

ki-84_b-24j-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (67596 bytes)

The two collages are of a Tony (Hase, 1/72) of the 19th Sentai taking on a P-47N (1/72 High Planes) out of Ie Shima, and the other a Ki-44 (Hasegawa 1/72) over the Phillipines being pursued by P-47Ds (Hase, 1/72) of the 348th. 
By Ryan Boerema. (14 Feb 01)

First, a couple of Hamps chase a 68th Squadron P-39 over a beach in the Solomons, late summer 1943. (The P-39 is Heller's 1/72 offering and the Hamps are Hasegawa's old mold, also 1/72.) and a 50th Sentai Oscar II (Hasegawa 1/72) wounds a 155 Sqdn. Mohawk IV (Monogram's 1/72 P-36 with a resin aftermarket Cyclone engine and cowling) near Imphal, early November, 1943.  By Ryan Boerema (28 Feb 01)

a6m3_p-39q-ryan_boerema_06.jpg (75382 bytes)

ki-43ii_p-36-ryan_boerema_05.jpg (206174 bytes)

More fun with Photoshop.  Here's Hasegawa's 1/72 A6M2 21 ot the 6th Air Corps
taking on Hasegawa's 1/72 P-40E of the 49FG, 8th FS, let's say, oh, over Buna.  The other is Hasegawa's 1/72 Jack and F4U Corsair.  By Ryan Boerema  (26 Feb 01)

a6m2_p-40e-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (92464 bytes) n1k1_f-4u-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (127377 bytes)

Can you teach an old dog tricks?  This is the old AMT Me-410 'all purdied up' for the Greater Abilene Scale Modelers Contest 2000 (GASCON I) (28 Oct 00)



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