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Kawanishi N1K1 Interceptor Fighter  Shiden ' Violet Lightning ' "George"

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n1k1-claus_gustafsen_01.jpg (44385 bytes) Hi, here's a picture of Doyushas 1:32 scale George. Build OOB with just seat belts, ignition wiring and simular added. By Claus Gustafsen of Strandby, Danmark. (12 Jun 01)

Tamiya N1K2 "George" by Tom Norrbohm

1/72nd Aoshima N1K "George" by Jim Kaltenhauser.

341S-49 1/48 Arii N1K1-J Shiden, in 341st sqdrn markings, Philippines 1944 Aeromaster Decals by Jim Eyerdom.

1/72 Aoshima N1K1-Ja by Peter Gunti of Switzerland.   (23/01/01)

IJN Area Defense Fighter "Shiden" Model 21 (N1K2-J)  1/48 Hasegawa Kit.  This 343-Ku Shiden-kai was built by Milton Bell using the old Hasegawa kit.  "The Shiden kai is the old Hasegawa kit in 1/48 where I experimented with different techniques for showing worn and chipped paint. I also experimented with a different kind of background for the photo--a very simple impression of trees in the distance." Milton Bell   (23/01/01)

1/48 Arii George, by Kobus Erasmus. (5/12/00)

N1K1 George from the LS Kit in 1/144 scale - generic markings from the kit, Broken prop blade from Hobby shop handling (wingspan approx. 2 1/2 inches)  By James Manahan. (04 Jan 01)

IJN Area Defense Fighter Shiden Model 11-ko 1/48 Tamiya.  Very easy to built kit. The kit was built basically stock, with some details added to the cockpit and landing gear.
By Hiroyuki Takeuchi (01 Feb 01)

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