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Mitsubishi K3M 90 / Operations Trainer     "Pine"

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IJN Type 90 Crew Trainer (K3M3)

1/72 Kit unknown maker. Peter bought the resin kit in 1992 at the IPMS Championship in England from a group of modellers from Czechia. The Kit came in a transpatrent plastic bag with no labels, no instructions, no written text whatsoever. The following is a short review by Peter.

"The Pine was easy to build and had a good fit. The only problem was the attachment of the wings. The interior, including the cockpit seem to be rather following imagination than information. I changed a lot of it because it seemed not logical to me. The fuselage door (entry) for example was obstructed on the outside by a wing strut and on the inside by seats." This photo was sent from Peter Gunti of Switzerland. (24 Jan 01)


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