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Mitsubishi J2M Interceptor Fighter  Raiden 'Thunderbolt' "Jack"

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j2m-claus_gustafsen_01.jpg (43057 bytes) A picture of Revells old 1:32 scale Jack, build just after getting an airbrush. By Claus Gustafsen of Strandby, Danmark. (12 Jun 01)

1/48 Hasegawa Jack, Pierpaolo Maglio (3/18/00)

1/48th Hasegawa J2M3 By Dave Pluth.

1/48th Hasegawa J2M3 By Dan Salamone.

1/72nd Hasegawa J2M3 by Tom Norrbohm

1/48th Tamiya J2M3 "Jack" by Jeff McGuire

1/48 Arii Jack. Kobus Erasmus (5/12/00) 

Mitsubishi Raiden
The photo of this Raiden was taken from VERY far away, and I could not make out the tail code. The tail code was based on an old drawing which appeared on j-aircraft.com a while ago. The kit is Hasegawa 1/72, and was built out of box. Everything was painted including the hinomarus and the tail code. By Tennessee Katsuta.
(04 Jan 01)

Alot of clear, wartime photographs of this very same aircraft flown by Flying Group Lt. Yoshihiro Aoki based at Kanoya Air Base, 1945, enabled a closely matched pattern of paint chipping on the model along the wing root areas. Also, there were plentiful photo's of the Raiden showing quite a glossy paint finish. Many could be seen glistening strongly in the sun. I gave this characteristic to my model as well. The main photographic reference used for painting this model was the Japanese publication "Famous Aircraft of the World No.61, Navy Interceptor "Raiden" by Burindo Co. Ltd; available from specialist hobby shops worldwide. See HobbyLink Japan's "Air Books List" for further details at http://iac.co.jp/~hlj/.  
More detailed photo's and information of this Raiden can be found at
By Chris Beaumont. (24 Jan 01)

Hasegawa 1/48. A very good kit with detailed cockpit and very thin and clear canopy among other things. Depicted is a 302 NAG Raiden with bare metal nose panel which can be seen in at least two photographs. The tailcode could not be specified except for the fact that it was in the 1100's. By Hiroyuki Takeuchi. (01 Feb 01)

j2m3_steve_01.jpg (232785 bytes)

Here's my model of the 1/48 scale Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden '302 Flying Group'. Areas of the model were undercoated in Alclad which was subsequently revealed by scraping away the Aeromaster acrylic topcoat....not very successfully in this instance. By Steve. (01 May 01)

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