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Mitsubishi F1M 0 /
Observation Seaplane

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Starting digging out pictures and thought I would send this "Pete."  The picture was taken while still under construction - notice the navigation lights are not installed at this time.  By James Manahan.  (03 Jan 01)

Tamiya 1/50. Peter Nordbloom

Fujimi 1/72 Pete on beaching dolly. Peter Gunti (3/1/00)

Fujimi 1/72 Pete on catapult. Peter Gunti (3/1/00)

I saw your review for the Fujimi Pete, and purely by coincidence, I have just finished mine, and I love it, what a lovely little kit.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. In fact it was a quick bash together, but if I had known how well it was going to turn out, I would of thought about taking more time and entering it in the 1/72 standard kit (prop) class at next years nationals.
One thing the review doesn't mention is a lack of suitable high quality transfers in 1/72 for anything like this.
If you would like to add this model to your site, then I will send you some better pictures after I have finished the final bit of rigging.

Best regards

Richard Macer

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