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Aichi D3A 99 /
Dive Bomber

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d3a-andrew_johnson_01.jpg (20290 bytes) Val is the Hasegawa 1/48 D3A1 with the CMK resin insert cockpit which is a real joy. I mixed my own version of the Aichi interior green 
bamboo colour. The canopy is half Squadron signal and half the kit. Painted with Aeromaster acrylics and decals and finished with Johnson's clear varnish and different shades of oil wash. Getting the Val details right has been helped by many contributers to your website, particularly David Aiken.  By Andrew Johnson (07 May 01)

1/48th Fujimi D3A by Tom Norrbohm

BII-201 - Hiryu (BII) attack (2) leader's plane (01) Lt. Kobayashi's plane that led the strike on Yorktown from HIRYU at the BoM (One stripe above numbers - Lieutenant rank, 2 stripes below numbers - Flight leader, 2 blue stripes on fuselage - Hiryu ID.) Photo & Model by Ken Durling

Hasegawa D3A "Val" by Dave Pluth

This is the 1/72 Fujimi "Val". Interior is totally scratch built from line drawings provided in the Asahi Journal. Finish is SNJ. Kit by Bill Arnold. (13/11/00)

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 Val AI-207, in late 1941 Akagi markings by Jim Eyerdom

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 Val AII-250 in Pearl Harbor Akagi markings, lead aircraft 3rd Chutai, 27th shotai dive bombers, Lt. Shoichi Ibuki, pilot.  By Jim Eyerdom

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 Val BII-231  in late 1941 Hiryu markings, shotai leader by Jim Eyerdom

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 CI-203, in early 1942 Hosho or Zuiho markings (no actual documentation on this color scheme) Markings are based on Kate CI-301 scheme as I could find no photos of 3rd Carrier group Vals, so is an educated guess only by Jim Eyerdom

1/48 Fujimi D3A1 BI-231 in Pearl Harbor Soryu markings, lead aircraft, 1st chutai Dive bombers, Lt Comdr. Takashige Egusa, pilot (Aeromaster decals) Overall Leader, 2nd wave dive bombers by Jim Eyerdom

D3A1 "Val" BI-208 by Jim Eyerdom

1/50 Tamiya D3A1 Val EII-206, in early 1942 Zuikaku markings, Rabaul (the spare Hasegawa canopy fits nicely with a little bit of work, and
greatly improves the overall appearance of this old model) by Jim Eyerdom

1/50 Tamiya D3A1 Val BI-263 by Jim Eyerdom  (07 Dec 00)

1/50 Tamiya D3A1 Val DII-218 by Jim Eyerdom  (07 Dec 00)

D3A Val BI-231 by Pierpaolo Maglio. (12 May 00)

D3A Val. Fujimi 1/72 by Johan Myhrman. 
(01 Feb 01)

D3A Val. This photo was sent from Urs Bopp of Switzerland. Here's Urs' comment on his model. The picture shows the Val in 1/72 scale from Fujimi. Basically correct, this kit still leaves a lot 
of detail work to the modeller. Particularly the engine and the oil cooler should be improved. I decided to scratch build the cockpit interior, using only the instrument panel from Eduard's etching parts. The canopy is from Clear Vacs (two are needed to display it in the open position), the bomb is from Fine Molds and the decals from Aero Master. (01 Feb 01)

d3a-mervin_brewer_01.jpg (59597 bytes) Hasagawa D3A Val By Merv Brewer.  (09 Mar 01)
d3a-mervin_brewer_02.jpg (23923 bytes) Fujimi Val. My First attempt at Takahashi's machine. By Merv Brewer.  (09 Mar 01)

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