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Aichi B7A Carrier Attack Bomber 'Ryusei'   "Grace"

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1/144 model L/S Aichi B7A1 built OOB w/ stretched sprue antenna. George Crozier. (10/25/00)

Hasegawa's 1/48 Aichi B7A2 Ryusei kai "Grace".  Canopy is a mixture of kit supplied and Squadron vacuform parts.   Hinomarus were painted on using a blend of RLM 23 red and JAAF brown. Ian Robertson. (3/1/00)

1/72nd Fujimi B7A2 "Grace". Photo and Model by Seth Lorinczi

Same 1/72nd Fujimi B7A2 "Grace", detailed shot.
B7A2 "Grace". Photo and Model by Seth Lorinczi (31/10/00)

I would like to submit this photo of my model Grace which I took with a 70mm lens Samsung automatic camera.  It is basically out of the box with a few touches in the cockpit (new instrument panel, cables, seat belts and the window panel behind the pilot seat added) and the engine (I doubt anybody could see those even from up close). I also detailed the torpedo rig and the landing gear well and legs.  
I used Tamiya acrylic paints for the overall camouflage and oils for weathering and exhaust smoke marks. Paint chipping was simulated by scratching paint off in areas covered in BMF (according to photos of the real a/c). Also most of the model has a Humbrol Metalcote aluminium undercoat. The base "runway" was painted using oils. The photo was touched up in the computer to enlarge the runway.  Many Thanks, Aghis (01 Feb 01)

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