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B5N 97-1, 97-3 /
Carrier Attack Bomber

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b5n-robert_ferrero_01.jpg (22511 bytes) b5n-robert_ferrero_02.jpg (22654 bytes) b5n-robert_ferrero_03.jpg (26426 bytes)
My first attempt at a Japanese aircraft. Built straight from the box with the exception of lead foil seatbelts, CMK nav lights. Shot with Gunze over SnJ. Hope you like the photo!
By Robert Ferrero (11 May 01)

b5n2-hilton_de_mello_e_oliveira_01.jpg (12943 bytes) B5N2 "Kate" by Hilton de Mello e Oliveira

b5n-jeff_mcguire_01.jpg (12356 bytes) 1/48th Nichimo B5N2 Kate by Jeff McGuire

b5n-mike_gawell_01.jpg (9251 bytes) 1/48 Nichimo AII-312 12/7/41 by Mike Gawell

b5n-tom_norrbohm_01.jpg (41452 bytes) 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate by Tom Norrbohm

b5n-pierpaolo_maglio_01.jpg (44594 bytes)

Nichimo 1/48 Kate. Pierpaolo Maglio. (3/1/00)

b5n-pierpaolo_maglio_02.jpg (40850 bytes)

b5n-ai-301-jim_eyerdom_06.jpg (58860 bytes)
AI-301 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate in early 1942 Akagi markings, Lead Aircraft, 1st chutai, Comdr. Mitsuo Fuchida, Unit Commanderís aircraft by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-AII-316-jim_eyerdom_09.jpg (68649 bytes)
AII-316 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate in Pearl Harbor Kaga markings, Lead aircraft, 3rd chutai, horizontal bombers, Lt. Yoshitaka Mikami, pilot (Aeromaster decals) by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-BI-315-jim_eyerdom_08.jpg (76158 bytes)
BI-315 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate, in late 1941
Soryu markings by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-BII-310-jim_eyerdom_02.jpg (67442 bytes)
BII-310 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate in Pearl Harbor Hiryu markings, 1st chutai, 46th shotai, #1 aircraft, horizontal bombers, PO2c Bunsuke Uesugi, pilot by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-BII-320-jim_eyerdom_01.jpg (57468 bytes) BII-320 1/48 Nichimo B5N2 Kate, in Pearl Harbor Hiryu markings Lead aircraft, 1st chutai, 41st shotai torpedo bombers, Lt. Heita Matsumura, pilot by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-CI-301-jim_eyerdom_07.jpg (73678 bytes)
CI-301 1/48 Nichimo B5N Kate (converted to B5N1) in Feb. 1942 Zuiho markings by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-DI-364-jim_eyerdom_04.jpg (63913 bytes)
DI-364 1/48 Nichimo B5N Kate (modified to B5N with a kitbashed D & B cowl) In June 1942 Ryujo markings in the Aleutians by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-EI-307-jim_eyerdom_05.jpg (49975 bytes)
EI-307 1/48 Hiryu Kate, in Pearl Harbor Shokaku markings, horizontal bombing unit by Jim Eyerdom
b5n-EII-307-jim_eyerdom_03.jpg (60431 bytes)
EII-307 1/48 Nichimo B5N1 Kate, in Pearl Harbor Zuikaku markings, 3rd chutai, 53rd shotai, # 1 aircraft, horizontal bombers, PO1c Tadayoshi Kawada, pilot by Jim Eyerdom

b5n-mervin_brewer_01.jpg (55476 bytes)

Mervin Brewer's first Hasegawa Kate.  (9 Mar 01)

b5n-mervin_brewer_02.jpg (29521 bytes) Close-up of canopy By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_03.jpg (50244 bytes) Nitchino Kate w/ Hasagaga canopy  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_04.jpg (47588 bytes) Nichimo Kate W/ 250kg bombs  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_05.jpg (57689 bytes) Nichimo Kate By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_06.jpg (61170 bytes) Nichimo Kate By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_07.jpg (60336 bytes) Hasagawa Kate. This is the one I did start to finish in 5 hours.  By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_08.jpg (65531 bytes) Nitchimo Kate w/Hasagawa canopy.  By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_09.jpg (32480 bytes) 250 kg racks on the Nichimo Kate.  By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)
b5n-mervin_brewer_10.jpg (43346 bytes) Lt. Com. Murata. Torpedo group leader.  Nichimo kit. (Note: 3 Yellow stripes on the tail)  By Merv Brewer  (9 Mar 01)

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