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Japanese Name


 US Code Name

Mitsubishi / Nakajima


0 / Fighter      "Rufe" / "Zero"

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Zero Night Fighter
This was a minor conversion of Hasegawa's 1/72 A6M5. I added Hawkeye's resin cockpit interior set and a hypodermic needle behind the cockpit to represent the obliquely firing 20mm gun. The hinomarus and the tail code were painted on. The photo was taken at the Exeter show near Toronto, Ontario.  By Tennessee Katsuta.
(18 Mar 00)

Tamiya's 1/48 scale A6M2 Rufe in the markings of the 11th Air Flotilla in late 1942. The model is painted overall light sea gray (Model Master). Kit decals were used except for the Hinomarus which were replaced with AeroMaster decals. David McMillan

Hasegawa 1/48 Rufe. Finished in Floquil "Concrete." Ron Scholtz, (18 Mar 00)

1/48 Tamiya Rufe. Kobus Erasmus (June 2000)

Hasegawa "Zero." Built OOB. Done in flight school colors by Bill Arnold. (13 Nov 00)

This is the seaplane version of the renowned IJN Zero fighter. This kit was built straight out of the box but given a detailed and weathered paint finish. Hot, tropical-like summer days in my home town gave me added inspiration to make 
this aircraft. At times I wondered what it would have been like flying about the Pacific islands, although for the IJN pilot it would have been far from a holiday. To get an idea of these visions have a look at another inspirational piece, the film " Murphy's War " starring Peter O'Toole. It involves dogged attempts by O'Toole's character to pilot a floatplane to sink a U-boat somewhere in the sunny Carribean during the last days of Germany's involvement in WWII. You will see alot of good action shots of a wartime floatplane in it's natural environment. More detailed photo's and information about my "Rufe" can be found at http://www.hyperscale.com/rufecb_1.htm
By Chris Beaumont (14 Feb 01)

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