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Japanese Name


  US Code Name

Mitsubishi A6M5 0 /

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Tamiya A6M5c by Tom Norrbohm

1/72nd A6M5 Zero by Peter Fearis

The first three pictures are of a Zeke from the Doyushu Kit in 1/100 scale - generic markings heavy weathering from pictures from island bases in mid-1944 (wingspan approx. 3 1/2 inches).  By James Manahan.  (04 Jan 01)

Tamiya 1/48 A6M5c by Hiroyuki Takeuchi, depicting an A6M5c belonging to the 302 NAG. (01 Feb 01)

Hasegawa 1/48 A6M5 (61-120 from 261 St). The photos appeared recently in Hyperscale. 
By Jean-Baptiste Verlhac. (14 Feb 01)

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