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Mitsubishi A6M2 0 /

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a6m2-andrei_koribanics_01.jpg (103712 bytes) Hasegawa 1/72 A6M2 Model 21 of the Tainan AG, flown by Airman 1/c Masaaki Shimakawa, Formosa, October 1941, from the Osprey Navy Aces book. Finished in a home-brew Ameiro, kit hinomarus, and tail code from rearranged Aeromaster decals. The blue stripes provided in the kit were too bright, so the proper color was airbrushed on clear decal film, using the kit transfers as templates. The personal recognition code was hand-painted on the fuselage hinomarus. The wing tips were cut off and detailed to be displayed in the folded position. Other details include the excellent Hawkeye interior set, 
vac-formed canopy framed with painted decal film, assorted Eduard PE pieces, i.e. extended flaps and landing gear details, opened cooling gills and extended hand holds and foot steps. The carrier deck is pre-scribed Evergreen styrene sheet with tie-downs added. By Andrei Koribanics II (12 Jun 01)

a6m2-jim_clappsy_01.jpg (53727 bytes) The model is the Hasegawa Type 21 Zero.  It was built with Hawkeye interior and Eduard photo etch set.  Finished with Aeromaster decals.  By Jim Clappsy (19 Mar 01)

a6m2-mervin_brewer_01.jpg (22656 bytes) Tamiya A6M2 Zero.  By Merv Brewer (9 Mar 01)

I just finished my Sakai Zero, I used Greg's mix with a couple of extra colors added. I plan to do another, possibly the Nishikaichi plane. (love that stencil on the cowling) By Tom Baldwin  (27 Dec 00) 

      Model is a Mitsubishi A6M2a type 11 Zero, Hasegawa kit, straight out of box, except for True Details wheels.  Model was painted using interior and exterior Model Master paint formulae from Greg Springer.  Decals are markings for Saburo Sakai in China just prior to WWII.  By Amos H. Terrell, Jr. (20 Dec 00)

Hasegawa Zero Model 21 using Hasegawa decals to depict an aircraft from the Kasumigaura Flying Group in Mid 1943. Hawkeye's resin c/p and Eduard belts. Cowling gun barrels are perforated metal tubes and hypodermic needles. By Nick Kiriokas

Hasegawa 1/48th Zero Model 21 in the markings of the 302d Naval Air Group based on Tinian in Dec 1941. All weathering was done with pastels. Markings are from Aeromaster 48-156. Cockpit is Hawkeye resin with Eduard IJN Seatbelts.  By Nick Kiriokas

1/48 Tamiya A6M2, mostly OOB. Painted overall (top and bottom) Tamiya's XF-17 Sea Blue ( very dark green) and experimented with pastels, a mustard color on the wings and a gray-beige on the fuselage and cowl. Tail code from Tamiya A6M5c, hinomarus are Aeromaster, other decals are A6M2 box decals. Scheme sources include a photo provided by Hiroyuki Takeuchi and page 203 of "Illustrated Zero Fighter" by Shigeru Nohara. By Rob Graham

1/48th Hasegawa A6M2 Model 11 built out of the box, using Gunze Sangyo paints. Photo and Models by Michael Woodgate.

A1-101  1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero, in late 1941 Akagi markings by Jim Eyerdom

DII-115 1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero in early 1942 Shoho markings by Jim Eyerdom

EI-1011/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero in Pearl Harbor Shokaku markings, Lead aircraft 5th chutai fighters, Lt. Tadashi Kaneko, pilot (Aeromaster decals) by Jim Eyerdom

AII-1211/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero, in Pearl Harbor Kaga markings, Lead aircraft, 2nd chutai fighters, Lt. Yasushi Nikaido, pilot (Aeromaster decals) by Jim Eyerdom

AI-155 1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero, in Pearl Harbor Akagi markings, lead aircraft, 2nd Div. fighters unit, Lt Comdr Shigeru Itaya, pilot. (Aeromaster decals) Overall Leader, 1st wave fighters by Jim Eyerdom

BII-124 1/48 Monogram A6M (converted to A6M2) in 1941-42 Hiryu markings by Jim Eyerdom

BI-151 1/48 Monogram A6M converted to A6M2 in Pearl Harbor Soryu markings, Lead aircraft, 3rd Div. fighters, Lt. Fusata Iida, pilot (Aeromaster decals) by Jim Eyerdom

BI-123 1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero, in 1941-42 Soryu markings by Jim Eyerdom

A6M2b by Joey Stebanuk.  I came across a photo of an unidentified Zero which appeared to have large areas of bare metal showing through the paint. I'm sure it was just the lighting or photo inaccuracy but it looked great so I used artistic freedom on this one, which I usually do anyway.

1/48th Hasegawa A6M2 by Tom Matlosz.  Iyozoh Fuijta's A6M2 circa Indian Ocean campaign, Spring of '42.  Had a lot of help on this one from Jim Lansdale, Dave Aiken, William Reece and Mark Horan.  Color closely matches FS33303.  After spraying many, many color chips FS24201 and FS16350 are way too dark on a 1/48 model.  I then matched FS16360 but it looked too green.  After frantically consulting Jim via phone a few Saturday nights ago, I settled on FS33303.  It is a green dominant khaki.  I wanted to model Fujita's Zero at Midway.  Mark Horan and Phil Gore believe the code to be BII-102, reflecting Hiryu being 2nd Carrier Division flag at Midway, rather than Soryu as was the case during the Hawaiian Operation.  However, there is no documentation of this, so I took Dave's advice and modeled BI-151, circa Indian Ocean. (12/5/99)

Fujimi 1/48th Scale A6M2 by Tom Norrbohm

A6M2 Zero: 1/48 Tamiya Akagi AI-101 12/7/41 Lt. Saburo Shindo (Pilot) by Mike Gawell

1:72nd Hasegawa A6M2 Model 21 Peter Fearis (2/7/00)

This A6M2 image is one for my completed Zero project. By Grant Goodale. (03 Jan 01)

A6M2 1/48 Tamiya. Sergei Ananjin (Russia) (5/12/00) 

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