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Mitsubishi A5M2 96 /

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This is the Fujimi kit in 1/72 scale. With some etched parts from Eduard. By Zbyszek Malicki of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. 
(12 Jun 01)

Fujimi 1/72 A5M2a by Hiroyuki Takeuchi depicting an A5M2a of the Kaga air group. 
(01 Feb 01)

1/48th Classic Airframes A5M4 from Ken Glass

Nichimo A5M4 "Claude" by Dave Pluth

1:72nd Fujimi A5M 'Claude' Peter Fearis (2/7/00)

Thrick 1/48th A5M4 by Tom Norrbohm

1/72nd Fujimi A5M2. Photo and Model by Seth Lorinczi

Claude is from Fine Molds 1/48. Pierpaolo Maglio (2/8/00)

Nichimo A5M2 1/72 by Johan Myhrman.
(01 Feb 01)

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