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Kawasaki Ki-61 3 / Fighter Hien 'Swallow' "Tony"

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ki-61-andrew_johnson_01.jpg (32700 bytes) Tony is the Hasegawa 1/48 Ki-61 1d with Aires
cockpit insert and Squadron signal canopy. The
NMF was achieved with SnJ spray aluminium
and the green squiggle from the Aeromaster
acrylic range and markings being part kit and part Aeromaster. More details on the kit can be found on the modelling madness site. By Andrew Johnson (07 May 01)

1/48th Hasegawa Ki-61by Tom Norrbohm.

1/48th Otaki Ki-61 by Tom Norrbohm.

Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien Army Type 3 Fighter, Model 1b (Tony). From the old 1:32-scale Revell kit. SuperScale decals. Photo and model by Kim Fowler.

A pair of Tony's.  Top model is a 1/72nd Hasegawa Ki-61. Photos & Models by Seth Lorinczi.  31/10/00

1/48th Hasegawa Ki-61 Tony from the 244th fighter group, built straight from the box, using Gunze Sangyo paints using a vacform canopy. Photo and Model by Michael Woodgate.

Right Stuff resin 1/48 Tony. Pierpaolo Maglio. 3/18/00

Hasegawa 1/48 Tony of Major Kobayashi 244th Hikotai. Pierpaolo Maglio, 3/18/00.

1/48 Otaki Ki-61. Frank Cuden June 2000.

Ki-61-II-Kai Modified 1/72 Revell kit (Ki-61). Model was modified to show the cut down all-around-vision canopy.  George Crozier 03/11/00

1/48th Ki-61-I-hei, 244th Sentai; from the Right Staff mixed-media kit. Mark Smith, June 2000.

1/48 Hasegawa Ki-61 + Aires resin detail set for the armament bay and cockpit,  FM DB motor and the other detail scratch built
(especially the flaps, ailerons and rudder,  etc). 
This model inspired from photos that appeared in the Kookaburra book "Pacific Aircraft Wrecks". Prize winner at the last model expo in Paris.  Jean-Baptiste VERLHAC, June 2000

The Ki-61 is the superb Hasegawa kit built straight from the box and I can't for the life of me remember what sentai the aircraft is from.
By Rodger Kelly (08 Jan 01)

Ki-61. This model was built straight from the box. I chose the wheels-up option when assembling this kit because I intended to do some inflight photography of the model. The real aircraft was flown by Major Kobayashi of the 244th Sentai defending the Chofu area against the USAAF
Superfortress bombers during 1945. His aircraft is instantly recognizable by the unique "shamrock meatball" insignia painted on the fuselage. In addition there are 12 Superfortress kill or damage nose art markings on the port side. The large red Japanese writing along the trailing edges of the main wings warns pilot and ground crew from walking on these areas. More detailed photo's and information of this Hien can be found at:
By Chris Beaumont. (24 Jan 01)

Hasegawa 1/72 by Mark Wlodarczyk. 
(01 Feb 01)

For this model I built Hasegawa's Ki-61 1/48th scale kit straight out of the box.  Only change was that I didn't use the blue decal section for the supercharger intake, it was painted to match stripe decal. Hasegawa's color chart indicated
IJA Light Grey for control surfaces, have since learned from the message threads that it was actually a light green-grey and will use it on subsequent models. 
Interior: RLM02 Grau mixed 5:1 with Desert Yellow
Overall and underside: Testors Metalizer non-buff Aluminum.
Green Blotches: Floquil IJN Green mixed 10:1 with RAF Middlestone
Tail Surfaces: Floquil Insignia Red
Drop Tanks/Wing Leading Edge: Japan Deep Yellow 
Erik Whipple (13 Feb 01)

The Ki-61II is the 1/72 scale FineMolds kit. By Ryan Boerema. (13 Feb 01)

DML 1/72 KI-61, detailed cockpit with Eduard brass, rebuilt rear deck, vacformed canopy, added landing light, oil cooler, exhausts from the Hasegawa kit and other details. Scheme is that of TSgt Kiyoshi Ando, Jan. 1945, from the Osprey Army Air Aces book. Personal markings are hand-made decals. Others are from Hasegawa and Aeromaster. Paints are Model Master over Metalizer. By Andrei Koribanics. (13 Feb 01)

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