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Mitsubishi Ki-46 100 / 

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ki-46iii-bruce_clouser_02.jpg (154030 bytes) Mistubishi Ki-46II, Hasegawa in 1/72 by Bruce Clouser of IPMS/North Central Texas.
ki-46iii-bruce_clouser_01.jpg (108074 bytes)

1/50th Arcenciel Ki-46 by Tom Norrbohm

Mitsubishi Ki-46 Hyakushiki Shitei Army Type 100 Command Reconnaissance Plane, Model 3 (Dinah). From the 1:48-scale Tamiya kit. Used the Eduard photoetched detail set, including landing flaps.  Photo and model by Kim Fowler.


1/72nd Arii/Ls Ki-46. Photo & Model by Seth Lorinczi  (31/10/00)

LS 1/72 Ki-46-II. I tried to improve it by reducing the cowling and wing fairing diameter to fit the lesser size of the engine used in the model II. Cowlings and fairings in the kit match the engines used on model III. Interior is scratch built and the canopy is from Falcon.   Jimmy Frank Waehrens 

Dinah, Pierpaolo Maglio, 3/18/00 

Ki-46 Dinah. Kobus Erasmus 01/06/00 

1/48th Ki-46-III, 17th Ind. Chutai; Tamiya kit. Mark Smith 01/06/00

IJA Type 100 Command Reconnaisance Plane (Ki-46-III). 1/48 Tamiya.  I built the kit mostly straight from the box, but I did slightly fix the
shape of the propeller and the cowling. All markings are painted on, and some panel lines which were abbreviated in the kit were added. I didn't fix the rudder, which is in fact, a problem with this kit, because......I didn't notice it until someone told me! 
By Takehiro Kumagaya (24 Jan 01)

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