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Nakajima Ki-43 1 / Fighter Hayabusa 'Peregrine Falcon' "Oscar/Jim"

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ki-43ii-ten_katsuta_01.jpg (46779 bytes) This is Ki-43II in 1/72 scale. The kit is Hasegawa. The panel lines were rescribed, and the cockpit interior was detailed. The info on this aircraft was taken from Model Art. There is a photograph which clearly shows that 
there were two coloured squiggles painted on, most likely dark green and brown. This photo was taken at Noreastcon in Toronto, on May 5 2001.
By Tennessee Katsuta (11 May 01)

1/48th Ki-43-II by Tom Norrbohm (11/15/99)

1/48th Nichimo Ki-43-I by Tom Norrbohm

Ki-43IIb Oscar: 1/48 Oscar (probably the ARII/Otaki kit) by Mike Gawell

1/72nd Hasegawa Ki-43-II Oscar by Jim Kaltenhauser


1/72nd Hasegawa Ki-43-II by Jim Kaltenhauser

1/48 Arii/Otaki Ki-43-II by Dave Pluth

1/72 Hasegawa Oscar "Against the B-29." Dave Pluth June 2000

1/48 Fine Molds Ki-43II Ko, 54th Sentai. Mark Smith   April 00

Ki-43 1/72 L/S kit built OOB by George G, Crozier, Jr. 01/11/00

Ki-43-I 1/72 L/S kit built OOB by George G, Crozier, Jr. 03/11/00

1/48 Arii Oscar. Kobus Erasmus May 00

Fujimi 1/72 Ki-43-I, 11th Hiko Sentai. Peter Fearis. 2/13/00

Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-43-II, 248th Hiko Sentai (Hdq)  Peter Fearis. 2/13/00

Nichimo 1/48 Ki-43-I. Pierpaolo Maglio. 2/13/00

Fine Molds 1/48 Ki-43-II. Pierpaolo Maglio. 2/13/00

This is the Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-43 "Oscar" built OOB. Scheme is from a magazine cover. Kit by Bill Arnold. (13/11/00)

1/48 Otaki Ki 43 Oscar.  All Testers paint.
By Shawn Steffen  27 Nov 00

There are two different Nichimo Ki-43I's.
The first one was built to depict an 11th Sentai aircraft based at Rabaul using the Model Art Oscar book as a reference. The Sentai
marking is white decal sheet cut to shape. Again, SuperScale bought out the Sentai markings at a later date.

The second one was built as a commission and is meant to depict the Ki-43 that was recovered from Rabaul by the Australian Army after WWII.
The aircraft has gone through a succession of owners and now resides somewhere in the US. I had the good fortune to spend several hours
inspecting and photographing this aircraft when it was in Australia and the model is the result of my interpretation of what it looked like when it was operational. The Sentai markings were cut from decal sheet and the command stripes were masked and airbrushed.
The Ki-43 III is the old Otaki kit with a bit of cross kitting from the Nichimo Ki-43 I kit. The 33rd Sentai markings were laboriously masked
up and airbrushed by myself and, you guessed it, Aeromaster bought out a decal sheet with the markings (albeit 2nd Sentai) shortly afterwards.
By Rodger Kelly (08 Jan 01)

Ki-43i. It is the old Nichimo kit. I think it is a beautiful kit, that requires very little to assemble a beautiful model. The major area (that is always pointed out) is that the engine mounts need 

slight modification to allow the cowl to fit properly. Otherwise, the cockpit is nice but has a lot of levers that are about the size of scale baseball bats. This plane is modelled from the AeroMaster "Eagles of the Rising Sun" sheets of Kato. He died in this plane and was killed by a Blenhiem gunner named McLucky! 
By Doug Mather (01 Feb 01)

IJA Type 1 Fighter Model I "Hayabusa" 1/48 Nichimo.  The kit has been around for a while, but is one of Nichimo's best. It's accurate, it fits, and the detail is overdone. You have engine 

mounts, oil tanks, and other stuff you will never see once the model is assembled. I had to cut open the access hatch so all these parts won't be in vain. There is a fit problem around the highly detailed engine, and the oil cooler ring will stick out if you just build it as is. either shorten the engine mount or build a shorter oil cooler. The windshield frame also needs to extend further down, or your anti-glare will be to narrow. The chin intake also needs to be a tad deeper. By Hiroyuki Takeuchi (01 Feb 01)

This model was converted from the Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-43 II kit by Johan Myhrman. (01 Feb 01)

This is the 1/48th Nichimo Kit. I based the appearance and markings for this model on profile number 5 in Osprey's Aircraft of the Aces #13. Tailband and lightning bolt markings were stenciled from masking tape. Kanji character on 

rudder was drawn with a white Prismacolor pencil and then emboldened with a light trace of Floquil Insignia White. Wear and tear on upper surfaces was done by spraying the top areas with Testors metalizer non-buff Aluminum, sealed with Future liquid wax, and then dabbling over with liquid latex rubber in selected areas. After latex dried, Green Camo topcoat was applied.  The model was then rubbed lightly with a guitar polish cloth to remove the latex and reveal the aluminum.  Colors Used were all Floquil enamel (except for the aluminum and aotake blue):
Interior surfaces: Aotake Blue
Top: Floquil Japanese Army Green
Underside: Floquil Japanese Army Light Gray
Lightning Bolt: Red mixed 20:1 with USN Light Gray for faded look
Fuselage Band: Insignia White
Erik Whipple (13 Feb 01)

A couple clean shots and some fun with photoshop. The Oscar II is Hasegawa's 1/72nd in Thai colors after a photograph in the old Arco-Aircam book on the Ki-43. If you're wondering, the hinomaru is on the top of the 

wing but the white elephant in a red square is on the bottom -- over a painted out hinomaru. By Ryan Boerema. (13 Feb 01)

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