Ki-36  & Ki-55 "Ida" Gallery 



Type /  Description

Japanese Name


 US Code Name

Tachikawa Ki-36
98 / Direct Co-operation Plane
99 / Advanced Trainer

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1/72 Fujimi K-55 Trainer. Dave Haas June 2000

1/72 Fujimi civilian Ki-36 used by the Asahi Shimbun newpaper. By Hiroyuki Takeuchi. 
(13 Feb 01)

It's been awhile, but I've finally finished my Ida project. I have built all civil and military variants of the Ki-36 and Ki-55, including one on skis (!), plus representative a/c from every Air Force in which it flew.  Attached are digitized JPEGS' for five more planes. I included two views (top and side) of each. They include:
- Ki-36 Civilian (owned by Asahi Newspaper Corporation)
- Ki-36 in early war Japanese Air Force markings

- Ki-36 Thai Air Force

- Ki-55 Japanese Air Force trainer on skis (experimental design)

- Ki-55 used by the Chinese Communist Air Force with a truly wild camoflage scheme.
I have authenticated all of these color markings and schemes from photographs and color plates.  
Jack Gartner (13 Feb 01)

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