Ki-27 "Nate" Gallery



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Japanese Name


 US Code Name

Nakajima Ki-27

97 /


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1/72nd Hasegawa Ki-27 by Jim Kaltenhauser

1/48th Ki-27 by Tom Norrbohm

Ki27 Nate: 1/48 Hasagawa by Mike Gawell

Hasegawa Ki-27 with AeroMaster decal by Caz Dalton

maglionate.jpg (24082 bytes) 1/48 Hasegawa Nate with Aeromaster decals, Pierpaolo Maglio, (March 2000)

frankcuden_ki27.jpg (32808 bytes)

1/48 Hasegawa Ki-27. Frank Cuden, (June 2000)

I wanted to add an 84th Dokuritsu Dai Shijugo Chutai aircraft to my collection. I used Hasegawa's 1/48th scale Ki-27 

Nate straight out of the box and consulted Francillion's treatise on Japanese Aircraft for the colors.  Markings were stenciled from masking tape using diagrams and photos from Francillion's book. 
Colors used were flat enamel: 
Floquil Imperial Japanese Army Light Gray
Floquil Insignia Red and Insignia White
Thanks, Erik Whipple (14 Feb 01)

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