Ki-43 II 33rd Hiko Sentai 2nd Chutai, Burma, late 1943
by Nick Millman

The 33rd changed itıs tail symbol on moving to Burma, adopting this stylized twin-three design in place of itıs former horizontal tail bands. 

Depicted in a carefully sprayed mottle of green-brown over natural metal, the over spray and extreme oxidization of the aluminum give the impression of a pale grey-green background.  The fuselage stripe and speculative cowling colour, conforming to known JAAF practice,  may identify the 2nd Chutai leaderıs aircraft.  Specializing in ground attack and fighter-bomber sorties this unit's service in Burma was brief, arriving from China in October 1943, it was moved to New Guinea as the 1944 monsoon season began.

Reference: photograph on page 41 of FAOW 65

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