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Mike Maule


Title: Pearl Harbor

Author: H.P. Willmott with Tohmatsu Harou & W. Spenser Johnson

Publisher: Cassell & Co.

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0-304-35884-3

Price: $30 (US)

        What I assumed to be another "coffee-table" book on the Pearl Harbor attack turned out to be a real gem.  A good look at the political and financial history of Japanese-American relations provided a historical backdrop to the attack itself.  The author provides some thought-provoking insights to the difficulties overcome by the Kido Butai to mount the attack.  He also provides some interesting ideas on the damage done to the Pacific Fleet and Army aviation facilities.  A couple of very good appendices attempt to resolve the on-going controvery concerning the actual number of aircraft used in the attack, and the leaders of the various formations used in the attack.

This book is well illustrated, lots of photos, maps, etc.  Overall a very good offering and well worth the price. 

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