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Jim Long

Title: Japanese Aircraft Interiors 1941-1945

Author: Robert Mikesh


Pages: 328


Price: ?


Dear all:

         Bob Mikesh's latest book, 'Japanese Aircraft Interiors 1941-1945,' is out now. I got my copy today, 16 May. I've only given it a quick look so far, but I can say that it is superb and a must for all of us who are very interested in Japanese aircraft. It has been a long time in the works, but I'm sure everyone of you who were waiting with me will agree that it has been worth the wait.

         Monogram Aviation Publications is the publisher. For those of you who need contact information, here's the mailing address and e-mail.

P. O. BOX 223
U. S . A.
TEL.: 508-347-5574
24 Hr. FAX 508-347-5772
E-Mail: Monogram@meganet.net
Hrs.:Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

         The book has a section to provide introductory material and acknowledgements. This includes some information on the Technical Air Intelligence Units and interior colors and coatings used by the Japanese army and navy. There are ten printed color chips with this material. Following the intro, Bob Mikesh has three chapters which cover army fighters, army bombers and reconnaissance planes, and army trainers and transports. Planes include the Ki-43, Ki-44, Ki-45Kai, Ki-61, Ki-84, Ki-100, Ki-21, Ki-46, Ki-48, Ki-49, Ki-51, Ki-67, Ki-74, Ki-115, Ki-9, Ki-55, Ki-57, and Ki-77.

         In four more chapters, Mikesh describes the interiors of navy planes, including the A6M2, A6M3, A6M5, A6M7, J1N1, J2M3, N1K1, J7W1, N1K2-Ja, J8M1, B5N2, B6N2, B7A2, D3A2, D4Y, G3M, G4M, G5N2, G8M1, P1Y1, M6A1, Kikka, Baka, C6N1, E13A1, E16A1,F1M1, H8K2, L2D3, and K5Y. The eighth and last chapter is devoted to army and navy aircraft instruments.

         I don't think anyone will be displeased with a purchase of this Mikesh book. It has 320 excellent black-and white photos and, if you like color photos, there are 586 of them to look over, all of top quality. In addition there are more than 110 color or black-and-white illustrations, showing everything from small auxiliary instrument panels in rear cockpits to general-arrangement cutaways of complete aircraft. You'll be thrilled with the detailed profile of a Ki-100Ib by Giuseppe Picarella, showing all of the interior equipment. And you'll marvel over the detail given by side-view and top-view drawings from a Japanese handling manual on the G3M Nell attack plane, something that has never before been published - a contribution of mine, I might add, something I found during one of my research trips to the USAF Historical Research Agency's Archives at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.

         Along with repeats of some of his previous work in this area, Bob Mikesh has new and intriguing material for you in his new book - and a few surprises. One thing that I like is the fact that it's all on 328 pages under one cover. You won't be disappointed with this top-quality publication. Once you've seen it, I'm sure you'll join me in congratulating Bob on yet another outstanding achievement.

Jim Long

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