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James F. Lansdale

Title: Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko 'Betty' Units of World War 2

Author: Sam Tagaya

Publisher: Osprey Publishing Ltd

Pages: 112


Price: $17



          For those who have not yet heard the news, Sam TAGAYA's long awaited "Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko 'Betty' Units of World War 2" tome has been released by Osprey Publishing Ltd.

In a word, the book is "outstanding!"

         There are 112 pages of text and dozens of photos, many previously unpublished. The text not only chronicles the histories of the units which flew the Betty, but details their fates as related to all the crucial and epochal events in the Pacific war.

         For the historian and modeler, there are thirteen pages of thirty-nine superb state of the art color profiles rendered by Mark STYLING and cover art work by Lain WYLLIE. (40 profiles including one on rear cover. - Ed.)

This book is certainly THE book to have on the Betty and the leader of the pack for the genre in English.

         Sam TAGAYA and Osprey Publications are to be congratulated for their efforts in producing a fine piece on Japanese military aviation history highlighting a significant aircraft of the Pacific War.


Jim Lansdale

N.B. This text is available at all Osprey retailers (ca $17.00) or consult on-line www.ospreypublishing.com

Credit: Profile (c) 2000 Mark Styling via Osprey Publishing Ltd.

*** Editor's Note - Color profiles generously provided by aviation artist Mark Styling

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