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Deniz Karacay

Title: The Life and Death of the Luftwaffe

Author: Werner Baumbach - General of Bombers

Publisher: The Noontide Press

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0939482371

Price: unknown


          Werner Baumbach, a young and succesful bomber pilot, quickly rose to the rank of Generalderkampflieger (General of Bombers) much like Adolf Galland did as his fighter counterpart. As a first hand eye witness to the rise and demise of the bomber arm of Luftwaffe, he clearly showns the Luftwaffe's inner political struggles, design and production difficulties and childish mistakes done by the men on very top of Third Reich.

         Usually forgotten in the shadow of fighters, this book is highly recommended for Luftwaffe enthusiast.

         I bought this book from EBAY at a trivial price. I have checked Barnes and Noble for the retail price. It is out of stock at the time of this review. It regularly shows up on EBAY anyway.

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