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Author: A. J. BAKER


Pages: 159

ISBN: None

Price: NA

This is a rather old out of production book however, many people started to buy and sell old books in auction sites like EBAY. Ballantine books become popular auction items so I decided to review this one here.

It is in standard format with the rest of Ballantines WWII series. The book is well illustrated with over 90 photos and maps. Many of them genuine Battle Of Midway photos. The only handicap for illustrations are Hellcat photos are substituted for Wildcat fighter.

The perspective of the book is very objective. Why Admiral Yamomoto was so obsessed with the island, why and how Japanese came up with this operation despite objections from staff members are all included, in addition to the events took place on the American side.

Written at a time when memories are relatively fresh about WWII, this book is recommended to any WWII Enthusiast.

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