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Jukka Juutinen

Title: Americaīs Hundred Thousand-U.S. Production Fighters of WW Two

Francis H. Dean


Pages: 608




          I purchased this book right after it was published about two years ago without seeing it and Iīve never regretted the purchase.

          The book is written by a former aircraft engineer who clearly understands what he is writing about. The book covers P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, P-63, F2A, F4F, F6F and F4U.

 It is split into five chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Fighter History (describes pre-war US fighters, fighters that failed and fighters that didnīt make it in time)
3. Fighter Factors (describes some basic aerodynamics, engines, armament etc)
4. Fighter Figures (this is the major part of the book where the above 11 fighters are described)
5. Fighters Compared

          Each of the 11 types is given thorough treatment using performance curves, test reports, manual drawings and very detailed structural descriptions. Performance curves are given for speed, rate of climb, power, take-off run, rate of roll and range. Handling descriptions are split into separate paragraphs (taxiing, take-off, diving etc.). Each aircraft has a section "General comments". These comments are taken from multiple sources and are given anonymously. This is sometimes a weakness: one doesnīt know whether a comment is made by a combat pilot who has flown a limited number of types or a test pilot who has hundreds of types on his roster (with the latter I am referring to Eric M. Brown, RNīs famous test pilot). But this is only a minor gripe. What did irritate me most was the continual referring to "Kittihawk". Otherwise this is one of the better efforts of Schiffer as far as typos are concerned.

 The final chapter assembles together many figures from the preceeding chapter to provide a comparison.

          All in all, if have any deeper interest in US fighters of WW Two, buy this. You wonīt regret it. One warning, if you need colour profiles or other strictly modelling material, this isnīt for you.

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