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Grant Goodale

Title: Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai Modellers Guide

Author: Peter Fearis

Publisher: Kaburaya Books

Pages: 56

Price: $29.95 Canadian ($20 US)


          This book claims to be a "modellers guide" and that is exactly what it is! It offers a very good history of the Rex and the George and is followed by excellent detail information. This information is presented in terms of text, line drawings, colour illustrations and many colour photos. Mr. Fearis takes his photos from the restoration of the George at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. It may not have as many photos as the Aero Detail book but it has all that you need to build a model. There is good cockpit interior stuff including the location of the longerons and stringers and drawings of the two different gun sights (Type 98 and Type 4).

         There is a lot of painting information (including the engine) citing both colour names and FS numbers where applicable. Paint recommendations are made for several paint manufacturers and again, FS numbers are stated. Colour profiles for 12 aircraft are provided.

         The author includes a list of available kits and 4 kit reviews as well as a list of after market accessories and decals.

         I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in building a model of the George. I was especially intrigued at 9 future titles listed: P1Y Ginga, Ki-100, Ki-45 Toryu, M6A Seiran, C6N Saiun, Ki-61 Hien, D4Y Suisei, N1K1 Kyofu and E8K Emily.

A note from author, Peter Fearis...

Dear all
Due to my forth coming redundancy there may be a period of time when I will not be able to produce any copies of my books (hopefully not to long). If anyone is interested in a copy they can reach me at my e-mail address of

Thanks for your interest

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