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Bobby C. Kline


Title: Zero: Combat and Development History

Author: Robert Mikesh

Publisher: Motorbooks International

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0-87938-915-X

Price: $19.95

        A must for WWII Japanese Aviation Historians, May 21, 1999
Zero Combat & Development by Robert Mikesh, does a splendid job of telling the story of the history and development of the A6M. All models are included and a break down of their history and purpose of coming into play are described.

        The book covers the successes of the earlier A5M and discusses the specifications handed to Horikoshi. It does an excellent job of explaining the structural defect present in the early model A6M's and what corrective measures were taken to prevent more accidents. It shows many photos, interior cut away drawings, and specifications.

        I am an aviation historian and a model builder and I even learned from reading this book. Also valuable is the information obtained from the captured A6M and the test of many American fighters of that time against the A6M. Don't just take my word for it read it for yourself.

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